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How to use the experience directory

The Career Catalyst Experience Directory is an informational source of the many course-integrated experiential learning (EL), work-integrated learning (WIL) and co-curricular recognition (CCR) activities available to Sheridan students. Any completed activities will populate in the student's finalized Sheridan Works Career Catalyst Portfolio

The Sheridan Works Career Catalyst Portfolio is a student's personalized listing of successful course-integrated EL, WIL and CCR activities. This includes: 
  • Course-Integrated Experiential Learning (EL) - hands-on learning in the classroom that meets the criteria for EL.  Types of EL at Sheridan include:  industry project, interactive simulation, job shadowing/field observation, performance-based learning, research project with/without a community or industry partner, studio-based learning, work-teach lab or capstone project.  
  • Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) - is a model and process of curricular experiential learning, which purposefully and intentionally integrates a student's academic learning within a workplace or practice setting.  Types of WIL at Sheridan include: apprenticeship, field placement, mandatory professional practice, cooperative education and internship. 
  • Co-Curricular Recognition (CCR) - activities outside of a student's program of study that continues to pursue their learning and professional development. 
Sheridan confirms that each opportunity meets criteria for being designated EL, WIL, and CCR. Participation in these experiences provide students with opportunities to develop their Career Catalysts, assign the appropriate Career Catalysts to an experience, and enter any industry partners (if applicable). 

Courses are included when a student achieves a minimum grade of 50%, however some programs may require higher grades for program progression.

  • To sort/filter the activities and programs below, please use the Available Experience Types or Tags filter option in the menu bar above. You can also run a keyword search using the search bar in the top right corner of the directory.
  • To filter for a specific program, click the Tags filter, scroll down to the Program Name category, and select the slider on the right side of the desired program name.
  • Only the courses from the selected program, that have been identified as having EL/WIL experiences will be listed on the screen. Also, the total number of opportunities for this program will be displayed on the top left of the courses list.
  • To clear the filter, click the Clear Filters button or the program name beside the Clear Filters button.