When a student submits a request to have an activity included on their CCR, they will be asked to identify the competencies they achieved as a result of their participation in the CCR activity. The competencies chosen will appear on their CCR.

Prior to participating in a CCR activity, students are encouraged to:

  1. Identify two or three competencies they want to develop while participating in the CCR activity
  2. Inform their activity leader which competencies they have chosen to develop and discuss with the activity leader how they can develop those competencies through their participation in the CCR activity
  3. Engage in self-reflection activities throughout their participation in the CCR activity as a means to further support their development of the identified competencies
  4. Meet with their activity leader when their participation in the CCR activity has concluded and discuss if they successfully achieved their goals

Select the competency below to view a definition of the competency along with examples of achievement statements. This information can be used to assist students with:

  • Choosing a competency to develop
  • Determining if they have achieved their goal of developing their targeted competency
  • Writing their resumes
  • Preparing for job interviews when asked to explain how they achieved their targeted competency during their participation in a co-curricular activity

Civic Engagement

Clarified Personal Values



Cultural Competency

Effective Communication

Enhanced Self-Awareness

Facilitated Learning

Global Awareness

Healthy Behaviour

Intellectual Growth

Interpersonal Skills



Social Responsibility

Spiritual Awareness

Technical Competency

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