Got Involved

Sheridan students who got involved! 

CCR Position: Peer Mentor Program Leader, Dare to Care Campaign 2017/2018
Fransiscus Dharmady Idris
Student Affairs 

CCR Position: Peer Mentors
CCR 5th Birthday Celebration
Student Affairs 


CCR Position: FACE IT Group
Activity Leader: Janice Gallowya and Suzyo Bavi
Student Affairs


CCR Position: The Vanier College BDC Case Challenge (2017)
Activity Leader: Peggy Barnwell
Pilon School of Business


CCR Activity: Chemistry Club
Activity Leader: Katherine Rankin
Faculty of Applied Science and Technology


CCR Activity: Investigations Program - Student Ambassador
Activity Leader: Gary Galbraith



CCR Activity: Sheridan's English as a Second Language Student Committee
Activity Leader: Jacky Leung
School of Communication and Literary Students - ESL Program





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