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What is a Co-Curricular Record (CCR)?

  • A Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is a Sheridan document that formally recognizes student participation in out-of-classroom activities that enhance student learning and personal growth. 

Is the Co-Curricular Record a part of my transcript? It is issued out of the Registrar’s Office?

  • No, the CCR is not part of your transcript, nor is it issued out of the Registrar’s Office.  Once your request to add a CCR activity to your CCR record a record is created on the CCR website. 
  • Under the tab [My Record] you will find a blue button stating "Print My Co-Curricular Record"

I haven’t participated in any activities, do I still have a CCR record?

  • No, you do not have a CCR record until your first request to add an activity is approved.  If you a participate in more than one activity during your time at Sheridan, you can continue to add activities to your CCR record.

Do I have access my profile on the CCR website when I graduate?

  • No, however you can access the public view of the CCR site by visiting the Sheridan website and from the homepage search “Co-Curricular Record” 

When I graduate, how do I get a copy of my CCR record if I need one?

  • We recommend you download the PDF of your CCR record before you graduate.  However you can always request a copy of your CCR record by emailing the CCR administrators at

I participated in a CCR activity last year and forgot to request to add it to my CCR; can I still request to have it included on my CCR record?

  • Unfortunately no, the CCR is not retroactive.

I have an idea for a CCR activity, what do I need to do to get it in the CCR Directory?

I participated in an activity and the activity is not listed in the CCR Directory, what do I do now?

I participated in a CCR activity but couldn’t complete the minimum number of participation hours, can I still put the activity on my resume and talk about my involvement with employers?

  • Yes! We strongly encourage students who participate in any activity outside the classroom to note their involvement on their resume.  Employers are very interested in learning about what activities students were involved in outside the classroom.
  • Sheridan greatly appreciates the time and involvement students put into participating in co-curricular activities!
  • Visit Sheridan's Career Centre website to make an appointment with one of Sheridan’s Employment Consultants and learn how to write about your experiences on your resume

Who do I talk to if I want to learn more about the CCR?

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