Printing a Co-Curricular Record

Students do not have a CCR record until they have requested to have a CCR approved activity added to their CCR and the request has been approved by the CCR Activity Leader/Validator.

Once the Activity Leader/Validator has approved a request, students can print their CCR record from the CCR website, students can download their CCR record as a PDF document:

  1. login to the CCR website through Access Sheridan
  2. Select the box [My CCR Record]
  3. Select the blue button [Print My Co-Curricular Record]; student will be directed to name the file and save it to their computer/laptop
  4. Once the file has been saved, students can print as many copies of their CCR record as needed

Note: Alumni will not have access to the student view of the CCR website and therefore will not have access to their profile.  They can request copies of their CCR record at any time by emailing

Note: The Co-Curricular Record’s Authenticity Code:

Each CCR record is assigned a unique 20 digit numeric code which is located at the top of the CCR record. 

Employers can confirm the authenticity of the CCR record by:

  • Visit the public view of Sheridan’s CCR website (the URL is listed at the bottom of the CCR record)
  • Select the tab [Verify a Record]
  • Input the 20 digit numeric code

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