Request for Approval

How students can add an activity to their Co-Curricular Record (CCR)

Once a student has begun participating in a CCR activity, they must go to the student view of the CCR website through Access Sheridan and:

  1. Select the tab [My Record]
  2. Go to “Add an activity to your record” and input the name of the activity they are participating in
  3. Select the competencies they want to achieve during their participation in the CCR activity
  4. Click on the button [Add to Record] at the bottom of the page
  5. View the “pending” activity message beside the requested activity once they have been automatically redirected to the [My Record] page
  6. At the end of their participation in the CCR activity they must return to the CCR website via Access Sheridan and review the competencies that were chosen and revise the list to reflect the competencies developed  

The CCR Activity Leader/Validator will review the student’s request and either accept or decline the request based on whether they completed the minimum number of participation hours.

  • When a request is approved, the activity is added to the student's CCR record.
  • The student can print their CCR record from the [My Record] page found on the Student View of the CCR website.

Validating a student's request to add an activity to their CCR record

  • Co-Curricular Record Activity Leaders/Validators are Sheridan staff members who are involved in leading the CCR activity
  • Student's with a declined submission can request that it be reviewed by contacting the CCR Site Administrators at
  • Note: declined submissions will not appear on the student's CCR record

 Please Note: the CCR is not retroactive

  • Student requests to add an activity to their CCR record can only be made within the academic year that their participation in the activity took place.  The CCR's academic year begins the first day of the fall semester (September) and ends the last day of the spring/summer semester (August) 


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