Opportunities Directory

By searching the Co-Curricular Record (CCR) Opportunities Directory, students will be able to quickly determine:

  • What activities are currently available
  • On which campus the activity takes place
  • The duration of the activity
  • The responsibilities involved in being a participant (note: this description also appears on the CCR record)
  • The average weekly time commitment
  • The minimum number of participation hours that must be completed before they can request to add the activity to their CCR record
  • The name of the Sheridan faculty or staff member they need to contact to learn more about becoming a participant
  • The competencies associated with each activity

Category Search

  • A CCR activity will appear under one category title only.
  • Activities listed under a Faculty category may only be available to students in a specific program, please contact the activity leader for more information.

Competency / Learning Outcome Search

  • Sheridan’s CCR activities provide students with the opportunity to achieve targeted competencies as a result of their participation in the activity.
  • The competencies associated with each activity can be found within the activity’s description.
  • Under the [Resource] tab students will find a downloadable PDF for each competency.  Each document contains a description of the competency and a list of achievement statements associated with that competency. 

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